Cycling Views

I can’t help but think how many lives would have been saved had I been elected Mayor in 2010 and given a chance to implement physically separated bike lanes.

Having given up my car in 2015 cycling has become my favourite transportation alternative. I haven’t been dissuaded yet despite having several near misses and a few bikes stolen.
Riding as a family with our kids aged 8 and 9 brings great pleasure and enormous stress also and stressing the necessity of helmets and shoulder checks never goes quiet but as a former motorcycle enthusiast I know how important those things are.
This summer Michael has been in sailing camp for a few weeks and we have loved the waterfront ride from our home at Dundas and Berkeley to Toronto Sail and Canoe Club near Parkdale.
I am open to all things cycling and love supporting bike programs bringing cycling enrichment to our neighborhoods.
The carnage on our roads is heartbreaking and I pledge to participate in ghost rides to highlight the sacrifice of riders
Let’s go for a ride.

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